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after haveing diarria for a long time and u think your done, you stand up to put ur pants on and the sudden change of body potion allows for a unholy amount of shit to exit your ass and land on your pants
yeah, stan had to go home cuz he juice bombed all over his kakis
by Big Jerfrey October 10, 2005
JUICE BOMB is a hench on steriods
am a hench but your just a juice bomb dats just low man
by scouse_hench March 30, 2006
Something that sets off the female libido into overdrive.
That last Twilight movie was a real juicebomb!
by Inbound July 08, 2010
a sloppy, wet fart that takes the souls of those in the immediate vicinity.(sounds like someone hitting a hookah)
Jesus, Josh just ripped a juice bomb. Fuck!
by Stefan Spielberg January 18, 2009