(1) Poor quality; cheap; worthless
(2) Asinine
"If you're so famous, why the hell do you look so jug?"

"I wanted a pinot noir, and instead he brought jug wine in a box."

"I don't mean to be a downer, I'm just feeling kind of jug today."

"Is he one jug motherfucker, or what?"
by JC Of The Van October 01, 2007
Opening your partners ass wide, pouring in a beverage and drinking
A very thirsty Gerry poured a six pack into Tommy's Jug and drank happily.
by Leo D Felcher September 02, 2004
1. A crackhead or baser.
2. A person tricked into working for free.
1. That jug smokes rocks.
2. Bob had a jug fix his car.
by Ahmed September 05, 2002
Someone who will go to any lengths to obtain roxicodone or heroin which is either snorted, ingested or injected.
"Natalie will do anything to make sure she gets her fix for the day, what a jug!"
by brittttttttttttttt November 21, 2012
The act of throwing oneself at a specified sexual target in the popular bar in Hamilton, NY called the Jug. Usually a premeditated act.
You should just wait until Monday night so you can jug him.
by colgate1313 January 28, 2011
The best bar in Hamilton, NY, though somewhat sketchy. Frequented by Colgate U. students on all nights but Sunday. Monday and Thursday "18+" nights are especially popular.
Q. Karen, how did you do on that chem test?

A. Bad. I got shitfaced at the Jug last night and went to class hungover.
by Ms. Bob Smith April 12, 2007
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