A group of horribly misguided whiggers who worship Psychopathic records and the originators of this putrid label- The Insane Clown Posse (also known as the "Insane Clown Pussies" or simply as "the fags"). Members often claim to be misunderstood and through this misunderstanding find reconciliation and commonality in the "Dark carnival." This carnival is a theme often used on Insane Clown Posse's records. In truth however, the main attraction for Juggalos is the disasterously awful and depraved music itself, which consists mainly of songs featuring such uplifting and profound subjects as: decapitation, stabbing, beating and of course killing. Traditions within this sect include: the dawning of evil clown makeup, spraying bottles of soda pop called "Faygo," on other members, styling their hair in a manner best suited for circus chimps, attacking smaller or unarmed people with hatchets and knives, eating human fecal matter, shouting whoop whoop as a bozo rallying cry. Directionless, often drug addicted, many Juggalos experience a shift in priority as they reach an older age. This is most often triggered by a realization that they have spent a great deal of time and effort supporting the lowest dreggs of society and in doing so becoming not renegades, but in fact the systems version of a virtual jail house sissy.
A man beat up his son for calling himself a Juggalo as the people rightly applauded and smiled with satisfaction at the sight of such a worthy and justified meltdown/rampage.
by truth fan June 12, 2009
a juggalo is a follower of Insane Clown Posse. they tend to be radically devoted to said band. from what i hear, they are NOT ALL psycho, white trash, pot-head, ignorant, ill informed bigots. but the many that i have had the pleasure to meet ARE.
me: i dont like ICP.
juggalo: see, why yo gotta be hatin on da juggalos like dat?
me: i dont hate you, i just dont care for your music.
juggalo: dont make me kill you wit my hatchet, son!
by phredy March 24, 2006
Ignorance at it's best.

Juggalos are mindless drones who claim to be original, yet blindly follow the words of other idiots, i.e. ICP. They are uneducated(most) and unable to finish a complete sentence with proper grammar and punctuation. They say they are a family, but get into a fight with one and the others run away.

Juggalos were originally the name given to fans of ICP, however, they are now just another cult plaguing our society with their ignorance and insane train of thought.

They are also ruining the image of Heath Ledger.
I politely asked a juggalo to lower the volume of their music on the bus, and instead of being kind and considerate of the other passengers on the ride, the juggalo began swearing up and down. He stated that I was "hatin' on ICP", and that I was a "fuckin' whore who needed to keep her goddamn mouth shut". That was the first day I punched another person.
by Slightly Obscured Reality. October 24, 2009
Brainless selfish morons that live under the illusion that the entire world is against them. Fact is, they're not important enough for anyone to actually care. These people are outcasts because they want to be, my thought is that they think it's fashionable when they're really just a small insignificant pimple on society's ass. They're the real "haters", they can't stand anyone that isn't them. Pick any Juggalo website (or anti-Juggalo) and read their posts, they'd like to annihilate every other social group in the world, every other level of society. I've had a chance to speak with some of the Juggalos, they, as a group, are so ultra-violent that some (sick as it may be) actually have a plan to systematically cleanse the world of every one that is not "Down with the clown!" As I recall, a little more then 60 years ago a German leader had those same thoughts. I suppose if it were to turn out that Adolph Hitler was the OJ (original Juggalo) it would explain an awful lot.
I thought that being part of the clown culture was all about (how do you guys say it..) "PHAM-I-LY, PHAM-I-LY..." I saw the line for the Shaggy show in Denver this last weekend, fights, drunks, an accused rape, trash all over the street, I don’t ever expect to be inside the clown culture or even to understand it, but I came here hoping to get maybe a feel for it. Hell, his last weekend I even went as far as to ask a couple of people that call themselves Juggalos', but all I got was some drunken, pathetic run about “haters” (or hatas') and a demand to vote for sugar. All that family and ninja talk, it’s all just a bunch of crap, isn’t it. You folks are the real “hatas'“aren’t you. You throw full soda bottles at passing cars of people that never did anything to you, you wrecked the only venue in Denver that would dare to have the Juggalo’s come and worship their god, and now I understand that Twiztid show will be the last of the Juggalo shows to ever play there and you guyz can’t even get along here on the web. Some PHAMILY! I don’t look crossways at the Juggalos for not being like me, god knows, I’m a pretty square person. I don’t have what it would take to ever be a part of the clown culture, but I think it’s interesting and mysterious. I only hope to ever view it from the outside though, I could never hate the way you guyz do, nor could I ever show the complete lack of respect for other people that the clowns do. WOOT WOOT !!
by ShoStaff May 03, 2006
A homosexual juggler.

Usually found in a gas station men's room trying to get other guys to blast them in the face with their white "clown makeup."
Guy in bathroom: Wow, you're fucking weird looking. How much??

Juggalo: $5

Slurp Slurp
by EvoLvr2006 April 07, 2008
A wigger who feels like an outcast so he starts listening to shitty music. Then he becomes an even bigger wigger, dubbing himself a "juggalo." Him/Her and their "homies" have a gathering once a year where they continue listening to shitty music and poor pop all over themselves and act like faggots.
Juggalo: Wassup dog you ever heard of ICP?

Normal kid: Yeah they are fucking gay!

Juggalo: Now don't make me get my hatchet...

(Juggalo gets knocked out in one punch)
by guitargod January 03, 2008
An individual who is a complete and total failure at life and worships ICP while attempting to be as unique as the other thousands of juggalos in today's world. Most cases of juggalos are a hybrid-cross between cult members and juvenile delinquents who have been devoid of proper attention for their entire childhoods. There may be an occasional rare exception, but don't be fooled. Any normal and semi-civilized juggalo you may find is a poser.
Bob: Wow, the juggalos started talking shit to me because I don't like ICP.

Ted: What did you do?

Bob: I called them a bunch of pussies, so they went home and cried.
by OffTheWall February 25, 2009
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