A person who just so happens to listen to and/or follow Psychopathic Records or the horrorcore genre. The stupid little rednecks and ass holes who call themselves juggalos are not real. Theyre trying to fit inside a group of people to make themselves feel special. Please stop making assumptions about who we are based on these random fakes. And to all you people out there who come on urban dictionary just to try to bash us or call our music gay, taste is completely subjective. Just because you dont like it, doesnt mean its bad.
Juggalo/Juggalette: I for one dont particularly enjoy the new ICP album.
Non-Juggalo: I think ICP is terrible.
Juggalo: Thats your opinion, and I can respect that. You probably listen to alot of music I find distasteful.
Non-Juggalo: Thats a good point.

Police Officer: Arent Juggalos considered a gang now?
Juggalo: No, despite popular belief we are not a GANG, we are more of a group of really close friends. Maybe even a self-proclaimed family if you will. But we dont go out and commit violent crimes, or any crimes for that matter, to prove ourselves to the community. In fact, many juggalos are very reputable poeple with high paying jobs in every day life.
Non-Juggalo and Police Officer: Hmm.....I didnt know that.
by xxx BigSnarfxxx October 23, 2010
juggalos are the only fan base loyal enough to stick with there band despite the constant verbal abuse from stupid people who haven't evolved from apes far enough to realize that there no better than us. do you know why icp is so popular? its because haters like all of you spread the word around worse than we do. YOU create juggalos. even if they hide it they are a JUGGALO because of YOU. so you can only blame yourselves dumb ass. and anyone can be a juggalo, from that lone emo kid to the head of the football team. so shut up haters. THIS IS YOUR FAULT TO BEGIN WITH
Preppy kid1 "have you heard this shitty band icp?"
Preppy kid2 "no are they any good?"
Preppy kid1 "no they suck"
Preppy kid2 "oh OK.... well i gotta go"
Preppy kid1 "OK talk to you tomorrow"

Preppy kid2 *goes home and gets on computer and looks up icp right away* "oh my god this is great"

Preppy kid1 "hey man"
FRESH JUGGALO "good you?"
Preppy kid1 "whats with the face paint?"
FRESH JUGGALO "oh yeah... ima juggalo BIATCH "
by juggaloFOREVA November 16, 2010
The term juggalo was coined after Violent J identified the fans as juggalo's from his alter ego the juggla. It is a common misconception by society that a juggalo is a lowlife or a homosexual. Lettes on the other hand are a newer female version of lo's, are really just girls who, just like juggalos, have been mistreated and abused throughout their lives. While many los and lettes have grown to hate mainstream society for misjudging them, there are still very many who have learned to accept the abuse and ignore the skepticism. It has been commonly and poorly informed to much of society that a lo or lette is uneducated and do nothing to back up what they say, some may refrain from fighting, but that is solely due to respect for the laws that have been laid out against violence in public areas. Commonly viewed as members of a gang or occult obsession, los and lettes are simply people that have found one another through music the whole meaning behind family is that they'll accept anyone who accepts them for who they are. los and lettes often have a very high mistrust or the higher class and a severe hatred for Child Molesters, Racists, and those who view themselves as better than everybody else.

juggalo- Whats up bro, haven't seen you here before.

guy- nada, yeah actually i just moved up here from California, hey by the way what's that on your shirt

Juggalo- oh that, thats a hatchetman y'ever heard of ICP?

guy- yeah but i never listened to em before ive heard they sound like shit.

juggalo- some people think that, i don't much give a damn though, hey tell ya what why don't you come with me an ill introduce you to some of my homies

guy- alright sounds cool
by Dub_Scrub June 11, 2010
A juggalo/juggalette, means more than any hater can understand. We are all family, because we beleive in the message ICP and phycopathic records prevail. Most people don't see anything more than the "bad language" but hey that's why you haters aren't juggalos/juggalettes, because we actually understand the message and see past what you don't. And when people say "if you dont give a fuck so much, why do you care about negative comments?" we don't give a fuck what you think about us, it's that if your gunna fucking hate us, actually understand what we believe and stand for. Because if you did understand the true meaning of being a juggalo/juggalette, you wouldn't be a hater and you'd be down with the clown too. It is in fact NOT, a gang, so not wearing anything to do with them, is absolute bullshit.
Respect is a huge thing to juggalos/juggalettes, because we look past haters and still live our life. We are the strongest kind of family, yeah we all have our fuck ups, just like any other family. But unlike them we help eachother in anyway possible. And more important we understand eachother more than anyone, which most likely your not gunna get that in a "normal" suburb. we are about no racism, and no domestic violence, but no one listens long enough to hear past just the words, it honestly means more than that. we are different, we are unique in our own ways, and you might think your hella lot better than us, but at least we have the courage to be different. when people kill in the name of ICP, it's nothing more than not taking responsibility for your actions, and blaming it on a somewhat easy target. being a juggalo/juggalette is more than just being a fan of ICP, it's a lifestlye. we are more than just a painted face, we are family, we are indivisuality, we are what you call juggalo/juggalette.
by RAYMONDO. October 02, 2009
Being a Juggalo or Juggalette is about being an individual. About not caring what anybody thinks. When ya just don't give a shit, and ya do what you want, and say how you feel.

You don't have to strictly be a fan of ICP, Twiztid, ABK, or any of the artists on Psychopathic Records. It's about being true to yourself, and being there for the Juggalo Family!

Many people hate 'em cuz of al lthe cussing in the songs. So they quickly judge before listenign to the words, and looking for the meaning.
We will never die aloner, Juggalos will carry on, swing our hatchets if we must, each and every one of us!!!
by Sintrelle June 21, 2005
The term juggalo and juggalette is a term for those who have pledged themselves to the Dark Carnival. Juggalo refers to male members and juggalette refers to female members. They are fans of the band Insane Clown Posse (ICP) and often another juggalo band such as Dark Lotus. They stick together like a great family and will protect any of their own. Common misconceptions are that EVERYONE of them are/do:

White trash, fat, slutty, will sleep with anything with the right anatomy and a pulse, drink, do pot and/or other assorted drugs, extremely into violence/murder/rape, idiotic to the point of having vegetable IQs, illiterate, and the total scumbags of all society.

Now, pegging an entire group as these things is not realistic. This is due to the fact that this is not a brainwashing cult and each member has their own source of free will. Not every member will be like the above stated, they are simply being their own persons. Doing the above stated is not a requirement for being a juggalo/juggalette so of course not everyone will do it. Just like someone doesn't have to be a juggalo/juggalette to do them. A title does not make them cookie cutter people.
Person: Those freaky icp lovers need to all just go jump off a cliff and die.
Juggalo/Juggalette: I didn't do anything to you! Fuck off!
by Marie503 May 01, 2010
Juggalo/Juggalettes are normal people. They choose to identify their personality as a juggalo or juggalette. It's defined through the music they listen to, they just happen to listen to artists from Psychopathic Records and want people to recognize them for it.
Hi, I listen to Insane Clown Posse and other Psychopathic Artists; I like to refer to myself as a juggalo/juggalette because I want to find people who are too. I am on the honour role, respect teachers, principles and other authority figures, because without them our society will crumble, I will like to pursue a career in government when I finish university. I'm sure there are bad seeds out there but even then nobody is all bad.
by Theresa G April 29, 2008
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