The place were there is no hatred, racism, or stereotypes. When ICP were white boys in Detroit they were fucked on a daily basis. When they started making music as Insane Clown Posse you would imagine that they would have been ridiculedand and hated on, mostly by racism (Seeing how there early music was rap). But they went on with there lives and became very succesfull. So in ICP's music they talk about Shagri'la, a place were they don't have to go threw that shit again. If you truely want to know what it is, listen to Pass me By, it's on the Great Milenko by ICP
I'm mentally ill because I want to make the world a juggalo's paradize by removing all hatred, stereotypes, and racism

by Spikesy July 19, 2006
Top Definition
A place where the mentally retarded go to feel intelectually superior.
juggalo: yo when I die im goin to shangri-la, it's a juggalo's paradize fo sho. Its rizzle dizzle fo shizzle.
IQ examiner: You thick shit!
by Captain Sweatpants July 13, 2004
a place where everyone that is a juggalo can belong
a juggalos paradize is shangrila
juggalo's paradize= a place were all juggalos can roam with out hearin' any shit about feminem or havin to dis on juggahoes.
shangri-la, "heavin" not hells pit
by scubs steve March 14, 2005
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