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A slang term for women breast.
Hey Deny, Did you noticed juggs of new comer Tania? I like her damn shape.
by Vick Ch. March 14, 2007
115 110
Really large breasts.
"Whoa, look at those juggs!"
by K September 08, 2003
517 114
Tities so fuking big that they hurt the girl they are a part of. The girl has massive stretch marks on them because they are so damn big. Juggs are tits so big that even the largest cock in the world would get lost in them when performing a titty fuck!
by fockerf October 02, 2003
289 117
A slang term for breasts. Also spelled "jugs"
Woman in elevator: "Everyone here is so nice to me."
Fletcher: "That's because you have big juggs!"
by BlastMaster May 25, 2003
243 87
To steal or rob
"That nigga Alex stay juggin these niggas."

Term mostly used in Atlanta area.

Jugg-man refers to the thief or person who made the jugg.

Ex: Rob: "I heard Dakota got jugged."

Tom: "Yeah, and you'll never guess who the jugg-man was."
by jesserivers November 16, 2012
243 98
The best skin, porn, wank, jackoff, etc. magazine ever. Features oldies, preggos, bbw's, black, asian, latinas, milkers, and many other types of women. AKA The Dirtiest Tit Mag in the World.
I got 10 back issues of Juggs and my balls were aching for two days after my jackof festival.
by Fred Krinkle February 14, 2007
110 67
Good dick, hot sex, amazing sex partner

From Lil Boosie: The Only Time She Need A Mang For That Good Jugg
by Josie90 May 09, 2008
167 134
Jugg- a person who is addicted to opiates and or cocaine/crack
Usually attaining their fix by mainline/banging the drug of choice.
Example. "Dont trust evan with that money, He's such a jugg he'll steal it so he can get his fix"

Another Exp. "Bro, rochelle is such a jugg! Did you see her track marks?
by malelebell January 05, 2014
11 6