To flake; the act of flaking; to make commitments to an event, but decide to drop out at the last moment, usually because of inexplicable or convoluted reasons that just don't make sense.
A: Hey Cindy, I thought you had a dinner date with Lorraine or something like that.

B: Yeah, I thought so too, but then she pulled a jovi on me.
by runintoluck September 30, 2010
a tiny penis with no friends
damn that penis was such a jovis.
by gailplatt January 10, 2012
When one cuts off both the sleeves AND neck of their t shirt.
Eug is the best at making Jovis
by Black Wizard Bna August 30, 2010
1. Abbreviation for Bon Jovi

2. Nickname for an awesome person
1. Dude, did you hear Bon Jovi last night?

2. Oh man, you did all that today? You're such a Jovi
by 1337winner March 07, 2010
Started in the 90's, term meaning to want to sell one's mom and drugs, also can be slang for fat ass idoit mother F**ker
"You are a Jovi!" says bob,
"am not" says Harry

Harrys last name is Dick
by TomTom November 11, 2004
A fat blond haired kid who enjoys eating poo.
That guy is such a Jovi
by Dan October 01, 2004

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