slang used by your subdude government teacher in attempts to get the attention while stunning the class
when used in contex:
take that jount out
by meeee November 11, 2002
Top Definition
Word used to replace any noun. Cannot be used as any other part of speech.

Did you see the jount?

Man this is some good jount.

Possibly a corruption of jaunt or joint or joust or all three, although no one knows this jount for sure
by anonymous February 09, 2003
Can be used for everything. when you can not think of a word just use jount.
Chris "you going to the jount tonight"
damn that girl is the jount
i just got jounted
lets jount tommorow
by chris gentile June 26, 2007
A word that replaces the name of every woman who wants to either have sex with you or pleasure you in any way possible.
Friend: Hey man how was the party?

Response: Man, course every jount was on me.
by unet July 19, 2010
A universal word that can be used in place of a noun.
Ay turn on that jount real quick!!
by kukalocka August 22, 2006
A casual walk.

A walk with no purpose.
"Hey Micky you want to take a jount up to the shops".

"I'm bored, lets go for a jount"
by Meehal December 19, 2014
Jount can be used as a replacement for ANY noun. If used as a verb, it also acts as a license to get punched in the face by those who feel like punching you.
Q: "What is the meaning of life?"
A: "Jount."
by Bill February 08, 2003
(noun) pr. Jhow-n't.
A difficulty of hard time given to someone; crap.
"Stop givin' me jount, woman!"
"Why you gotta give me jount all the time?"
by nabz August 14, 2006
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