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Using teleportation to Slam dunk a basketball while wearing sunglasses you bought at a thrift store.
I pulled a Jordy Laforge on the court last night. It was hard with the glasses on, but I did it.
by Mashbone Jones January 08, 2009
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Taking a poop horizontally across somebody's face like Jordy Laforge's visors.
I gave Dave a Jordy Laforge.
by CHCKNHRT February 19, 2010

1. A term describing the sexual act of ejaculating in a horizontal pattern

across the face of a blind person. Similar to a reading rainbow.
Q: "Did you check out that blind chick at the glory hole?"

A: "Yeah and there was even enough wiggle room for me to give her a Jordy LaForge."
by billebllunt May 14, 2014

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