both the men and woman are beautiful people. unlike the lebanise, jordanians are not conceited, yet strut their stuff in a tasteful matter.
men-they do not dwell on their looks and atributes such as their penis because they know how big it is.
woman-they cover their large boobs enough to say they are not slutty and show off their perfect asses just enough.
Diamonds are nice and so are pearls but nothing compares to Jordanian girls.

The Jordanian boy in my class is one hottie!
by d to the damn fly! January 03, 2005
the hottest most sexy type of girl you will ever lay eyes on. come from the country of jordan. sooo hott beautiful eyes, hott bodies, amazing personalities...
look at dem jordanians....mamis be sexxiiii
by jackie December 29, 2004
1. the best male sex partner in ones sexual history.
Sex with my boyfriend is the best i have ever had, he is a total Jordanian.
by Micheal Meyers. September 05, 2009

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