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a word that officially means half-jewish, but can be used anytime.
wow, hes half jewish and half shark. hes so joober.

omg who joobered on your face?
by chachie April 03, 2004
A Jewish Goober
That guy dancing over there is such a joober
by Fishmanater October 26, 2009
Joobers is a 100% free, customizable toolbar that lets you navigate your favorite sites and search the web from anywhere.
Just Joobers it!
by jooberscom September 27, 2010
One who who loves to show off her (or his?) cleavage- butt and chest cleavage
Look at her bend over-she is such a Joober!

Christy, can you please make sure my boyfriend knows I am not a joober?

Joober, your thong is showing again!
by E.Co January 23, 2005
A jewish rodian, usually pink, most often seen wearing hotpants.
joober is pink, and probably eats babies, maybe he is a noob, i dont know.
by Anonymous January 31, 2005
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