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The brainchild of one EpicDarkness13 and one BubTheZombie, formed during the playing of a gametype on Xbox's Halo 2, called 'Showers' in which the Halo Secret Police, (In most instances Bub and Epic) command the "Joobs", or Jewish noobs, into room 1 of Foundation, where they are showered with Zyklon B, AKA Plasma Grenades.
EpicDarkness13:"Get to room 1 you fuckin' joob!"
BubTheZombie:"Look at the wall, Jewcake!"
*A Zyklon B canister has been showered upon the unlucky joob by now.*
by BubTheZombie March 25, 2005
10 30
a jewish woman's boobs. see also jewbs
that orthodox bitch has the biggest joobs!
by carlo steadman April 14, 2006
235 126
A Jewish Womans boob
Check out the joobs on that one
by Christopher Paris March 24, 2006
129 58
a jewish noob
(see noob)
i pwnd j00 joob hahaha
by cs October 20, 2003
112 60
a jewish woman's titties

sometimes referred to as "joobies"
the mother of my jewish friend kyle has got some gargantuan joobs
by mikas April 11, 2006
97 48
Another way to tell someone in a heterosexual, masculine way that you love them and wish them the best!

Also, it can be used when someone is sad, like in Spanish when they say, Pobresito.

Not a jewish women's boobs!

MAUREEN:Are you okay? Joobs!

MIKE: I got rejected again, i'll be fine, Joob...Joob...Joob!


CARLOS: later bro, Joobs!

MIKEY: Joobs!
by Carlos Salazar April 16, 2008
130 88
Boobs that belong to a Jewish woman.
Cartman: "You know what a Jewish woman's boobs are called?... Joobs..."
by Beef March 28, 2006
124 84
Army expression

Just Out Of Basic

Meaning just out of basic training. Also means a noob or newbie or beginner..
Who's that?
Just some rectuit...
Haha. What a joob

by powza the arouser May 01, 2007
52 34