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karma, or vibes
Even though we just met, I get good joo joo from him.
by Jim K November 04, 2003
Joojoo means magic. Often used in conjunction with the word "bad" to refer to a thing or situation that might bring bad luck or bad karma, but things can have good joojoo too.
Hey man, don't use that white lighter, that's bad joojoo!


Take this ring, its joojoo will protect you.
by mutatron December 07, 2009
What results from Michael Arrington failing to create a proper contract with shady Singaporean business Fusion Garage.
Better get that deal inked or you'll wind up with a JooJoo like Mike.
by Chewy Faced Rathakrishnan December 07, 2009
Magic. Used to express negative feelings towards a thing or situation.
That is some baaaaaaaaaaaad joo joo.
by Encephalon Screamer July 21, 2003
verb. To steal someone else's business idea. Based on Michael Arrington's dealings with shady Singaporean business Fusion Garage to create the CrunchPad (renamed the JooJoo by Fusion Garage).
After I told him my idea he turned around and joojoo'd it!
How do I know that an angel investor won't joojoo my idea?
by bardock22 December 13, 2009
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