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a persons name that is said like johnny but is way cooler when it is spelt like jony.

just a really cool person
1.'hey jony pass me the tomato'

so he passed over the tomato and do you know why? Its coz hes cool

by Bobby ma bob bob December 13, 2007
A high-tech robot created in 1983 by a tean of advanced Korean researchers and scientists with the purpose and ultimate goal to snatch the grundle of Jesus.It is prophesized that at The Last Judgment held by God that Jon Y will first slay God with his level 11 fireballs, and then move on to breaking Jesus's pubic bone for ultimate displeasure. At the end of this ordeal Jon Y will take the position once held by God and seat Bruce Lee at his right hand.
Jon Y IVXIIA is equipped with Mach-7 laser eyes and is impervious to blindness due to toothfloss.
by Fried Men May 01, 2009
A combination of the names Joe and Tony, used as a shortcut to refer to two people who are inextricably linked in the minds of their coworkers.
"Have you seen Jony yet today? I need them to do my work."
by yanksandphillieshater February 19, 2010
Jony is a person that doesnt mind his sister sleeping with guys infront of him.

most of the time, the guys are black.

he usualy likes to take pictures with them after they sleep with her.
It is said that those pictures make him more powerful in his country.
usualy he is called a girin
hey jony can i sleep with leen 2day?
sorry man there 6 black guys before you, kum back tomorrow.
by edisonDEE January 16, 2010
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