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Little anoying mofo who gets on ya nerves but is the cunt who is always organised and nuthing can be wrong or his life is over.
Tommo:get aload of jonsey doing his homwork
Ben:yeah he is shitting himself.
by Darren Thomson April 28, 2005
To remove or be removed from self from social interaction, due to the discord or discontent caused by banter.
"Please jonsey me from this group!"
by Eddiy July 22, 2014
(Noun) Someone who is super hot and sexy, has ABS-O-STEEL, and knows a Mexican who is also dirty and has the nick name of Sanchèz, which when combined, you get the Dirty Sanchèz. To be a Brian you must also know how to poll dance like a crazy mother.
Hey, no one theses days can pull a Jonsey like Brian.
by Dirty Sanchèz (Paco) March 11, 2005
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