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Alchoholic racoon. A species that likes to get close to other people while talking, especially while intoxicated. The natural environment for the Monnelly is the bar. In his native habitat he is free from all cares and is oblivious to reality. His natural enemy is the Caldwell. When confronted with lame comebacks from the Caldwell the Monnelly usually becomes loud, and often times puts his finger in the intruding Caldwell's face. The Caldwell usually receeds into the bush and more debt after the altercation is finished. When in the bar the Monnelly gets red, especially
when boozed. Often the Monnelly steels catch phrases from the mad pimp McDonald. The Monnelly may become extict after this generation. The reasoning behind this claim is that when the Monnelly becomes boozed he is unable to obtain an erection. The Monnelly rarely gets laid. Not nearly as rare as the McDonald though. The diet of a Monnelly consists of cigarettes, beer and cocks. The Monnelly does not eat the cocks but merely sucks on the cocks to extract the white, rich nutritous creamy semen.
The Monnelly attacked the Caldwell with a barage of insults. The Caldwell retreated and the Monnelly became both increasingly red and boozed.
by mike August 08, 2004
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