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Any one who likes the Jonas Brothers or one of them, which automatically makes them an ass hole per say.

Also anyone who says (OMJ) is also automatically a jonass hole.
Andrea: OMJ the jonas brothers concert is on the 31st!!!!!

Sir(behind her back): OMG she is such a jonass hole.
by princeofhighpark May 04, 2009
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a gym where kids do flips
and some crazy ass shit
we call this place home
we call this place jonasshole gymnastics<3

the children there call eachother jonassholes.
they are jonass hoes and bros

Jonasshole created and originated by Belle Verdon.
Hey Grant are you going to Jonasshole later?
Yeah, what about you Belle?
Of course when do I not?!
by A Jonasshole. February 07, 2009

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