Basicaly a glomp, while screaming about how much you adore the jomp-ee and how much you want to shag them. Used by many fangirl twards her lust object.
by San November 01, 2004
Top Definition
A ciggarette.
Hey Look, It's the Jomps Man
by Brooklynsdee October 10, 2010
Anything but an adverb. Jomp means whatever you want it to mean.
"pass the jomp"
"lets jomp right now"
"Im jompin"
"What will I do with this jomp"
"jomp city"
"jomp titigy jomp"
by jompcity August 13, 2009
short for "Jell-O making partner", i.e. a partner in lesbian sex of any kind
"She's not my girlfriend, she's my jomp. We'll be 'making some Jell-O' tonight."
by jellomaker April 08, 2006
an abbreviated and spoken form of the phrase "juice of my peen." If it is acceptable for a woman to call her child "fruit of my womb," so is it for a man to call children "jomp." Jomp is both a plural and singular noun.
I hate having jomp. They ruin your fucking life.
by Vintoux November 26, 2010
A synonym for: sour
Awww jomps, you don't work with her till Saturday.
by HCboy May 13, 2009

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