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A clever way of saying "I agree with you, and I suspect others do too."
Alice: I hate people who say 'join the club'.
Bob: Join the club.

Alice: I feel like getting a club membership.
Bob: Join the club.

Alice: I had such a bad day. It feels like everyone whines to me about how other people cause them problems, when really it's just a projection of their own insecurities and unfulfilling life. Then, when I try to hint them at this, they just don't get it.
Bob: Join the club.
Alice: Huh?
by wuthefwasthat September 17, 2012
When someone says something that you agree with, you say "join the club".
Man, I think Allen is such a douche.
join the club.
by andy September 03, 2004
An agreement to a statement, often used sarcastically.
Aaron: "I dont study for tests."

Sarah: "Join the club."

aaron: "Im a gold member."

Sarah: "Oh yeah? Ive reached platinum status."
by Telephobic teenager January 15, 2013