Top Definition
1. A nickname for someone of the full lengthed name John Ryan Johns

2. A purely seductive roommate who knows how to kick it

3. A Sexy man

4. used to define the Best Roommate in the world
1. "Yo whats ur name"
"Oh whats up john ryan johns"

2. "Yo my roommate is a total Johnzy. We totally know how to rock"
"Is he single?"
"ha YOU could never get a JOHNZY"

3. "Hey jen look at that guy hes such a JOHNZY!"
"I wanna do him!"

4. "My roommate is JOHNZY."
"Dude your soooo lucky my roommate is so lame!"
#messiah college #john #john johns #john ryan johns #johnzy #ron jon
by Sexy time in witmer May 08, 2008
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