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a fucking retard who asks people what they got on there test just so that he can tell them he got a 100%. tate also is refferred to someone who has abnormally long butlocks.
JohnTate donated his butlocks to locks of love!
by Johnathan dittty tate November 16, 2006
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A fictional character from the planet Krombie used to insult a real-life enemy. John Tate is the the namesake of the most horrendous insult of all time; John Tate Mahoney Cheeseburger with Pickles and Special Sauce.
Owen: "Hey Tom, there's Kelly."
Tom: "John Tate."
Josh: "Tate Burger with Cheese."
Owen: "John Tate Mahoney Cheeseburger with Pickles and Special Sauce."
Me: "Haha!"

by Me And I March 12, 2007
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