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Lead singer of Razorlight whom the vast majority of people want to punch for being a pompous fuck. Also known as teh Borrell.
I've heard many a Johnny Borrell story about his being a prima donna. The most entertaining are the ones that happened before he was famous, because he was convinced everyone already knew who he was. Oh Johnny Borrell...
by Christiana February 09, 2005
verrrrrrry arrogant.
but why?

"Mr. Borrell, lead singer of insipid indie hopefuls Razerlight, he has recently encountered some success with his band's debut album, and has let it go to his head somewhat"
"If I saw me I'd want to speak to me, too - I'd think, 'That guy looks like he's from Mars, he's somehow strangely compelling. I don't even look human".
by nahnahnah April 25, 2005
Frontman of Razorlight, aka Razorshite. They come up with good tunes, but Johnny is a bit of a spazz.
He was in The Libertines for one day, and because he was kicked out, he whined and sulked, and eventually saw red and arranged for two guys to beat up poor Pete if Pete doesn't have enough damage already(drugs) on a daily basis, these guys had to bash his face in as well!
'The boy looked at Johnny,
He said, my word that was fun.
Oh he did it with his hat on, and a saddle and a gun.'
-The Boy looked at Johnny (The Libertines) Song which makes fun of Johnny Borrell.

'All my life, being a spazz, in America, when i'm English and gay'
-REAL lyrics to the song of 'America' (Razorlight)

by bilo4eva December 27, 2006
Lead singer of (brilliant) indie band Razorlight. Some would say arrogant, some would say confident. He's hated as much as he is loved. When on stage he turns into a bit of mad man but one with tons of personality, charisma and stage also liable to rip off his shirt at any given momment. He's a talented song writer too, just give the album a listen.

Whatever the definition of Mr Borrell is, at the end of the day, he just makes damn good music (which makes me happy :])
Gosh that Johnny Borrell is a rather fine young chap.
by mystery_girl October 14, 2005
Probably one of the most confident (and yes, I admit, a little abnoxious) rock stars of the new millenium. He has an awsome voice, a somewhat sexy body and is mos def creative. Up All Night is AWSOME!!!!!!!! Underneath all that confidence is a truly sweet person.
Johnny Borrell is awsome, and so is Jules Casablancas!
by Naomi February 28, 2005
The hottest man to walk the United Kingdom land. He is one SEXY man! He is the lead singer from the band Razorlight, whom everyone should love. JOHNNY IS ONE HOT MAN!!
"Johnny Borrell is so hot! He melts ice!"
by ~Tylee~ January 12, 2005
Johnny Borrell is most commonly described as a sexy animal (that lets us enjoy some of his sexyness by ripping his shirt off at most concerts, though for some unknown reason not his trousers). Comes very close to the sexiness of the one known as Hairy Lee. Whatever you may hear, he is not arrogant, pompous and definitely not a twat, but yes, he is one to be feared (Johnny IS rather dashing in a joust).
AKA Naked Johnny (or naked Johnny in the cinema)
by Mrs Very Hairy Lee April 29, 2005
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