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An actor, who's most famous roles include:
-captain jack daniels on pirates of the celestial universe
-mort 'horse face' rainey on secret lindo
-jilbert snape on who's eating out jilbert snape's mom
-willy wanker on willy wanker and the black man who got caught in the chocolate river and ended up drowning, and then his family hired a lawyer and sued mr. wanker. they ended up winning in court and opposing council was forced to give up his factory 'ex libris' and it is now owned by the negro's family, hence why the candy is tainted with cocaine and tastes like shit.
-george lung on blow, a movie about oral sex.
-chicken mcchugget on that one 'ba-dah-bah-bah-bah' commercial for 'mickey d's'

fuck it, we'll do it live.
johnny depth-finder is a fuck.
someday, I may just have to throw this piece of shit out the window.
by liberalwizardtyler June 30, 2008
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