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British slang for male masturbation.
Someone who jacks off.
Not to be confused with Willy Wonka.
He masturbates all the time. He is such a willy wanker.
by Worthleast October 26, 2007
people mostly dudes who are obsessed with porn down loads.
That dude many has a fucking million porn down loads. this dudes an obvious willy wanker.
by thomas knight April 12, 2008
A pedophile that offers you candy/chocolate/fat foods.
They target small children and mostly ride in vehicles.
Some times harmless, or sometimes the candy is drugged.
You might want to watch out for these, mothers.
Dad:"Look at that Willy Wanker over there..."
Mom:"Lets hurry up and get Billy."

Billy:"But hes giving out candy!"
Mom:"Come on Billy, were going home."
by .Enigma.Of.Anonymous. October 31, 2012
Someone who wanks a lot and eats a lot of unhealthy food.
Rob is a Willy Wanker, he can't stop himself wanking and eating dominos.
by Fannypack December 13, 2015
Someone who attempts to do as good a job of playing Willy Wonka as Gene Wilder did, but fails miserably and looks like a queer as always.
Johnny Depp - Willy Wanker
by ChrisEarlson January 06, 2008
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