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Silly, makes strange noises, can change reality with words, his younger brother is gay, person of the year in 2006 in time magazine, 6 foot tall, 185 lbs, brown eyes, bacteria in mouth, needs root canal, has risk of infected lymph node, has gingivitis, appreciates stories that don't suck, is a grammar Nazi commander, hates twilight, stepped on a worm once, wears shoes, is Caucasian, has pheromones, is male, not female, not bread, has a soul but does not believe in them, eats food and babies which is still food, on occasion. He also believes that cocaine is a hell of a drug, but does not like drugs. Also, he hates republicans, and liberals, and dirty hippies, and people made out of wax, and black licorice, and children, especially small ones. (the ones that smell funny and chew their own fingers) He likes to make his friends take down way to much dictation. Is a troll by nature. Hates trolls. Hates irony. Hates lists, especially lists of characteristics, hates urban dictionary, hates being defined, and is currently helping with this definition. Also he hates repetition and irony. He also hates long definitions . Is hilarious at heart and hates comedy. Hates irony and repetition. Is not gay. Enjoys manipulating rules to make little brother gay, and also has a gay little brother.
He's such a joey barton. - Bill Nye
joey barton are so last week - Jim Gaffigan
Who's joey barton ? - Marilyn Manson
by Lantano March 29, 2014
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