1) To wander around aimlessly

2) To mess around with objects that are functioning correctly; often these objects are no longer functional after the interference.

3) To spend more time on cigarette breaks than to actually spend working.
1) "I was joerging around the office all day"

2) "He joerged around with my car and now it won't start."

3) "He joerged his way through the day, I barely ever saw him at his workstation."
by Martin Givnayson August 18, 2008
Top Definition
1. Lying so much to so many people that you trick yourself into thinking that it is the truth

2. Lying like it is your job
1. The village whore joerged to the point that she actually convinced herself she was a virgin; despite the fact that she was sleeping with half of the town.

2. Lawyers are paid to joerg all day and screw people over.
by rotten cheese November 28, 2011
1) To guard or protect a room or place with a back pack on.

2) Being a bouncer with a back pack.
I'm joerging again today
by Alejandro6543 November 02, 2011
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