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The situation where one is tied up in one's own jock while wearing it. Leg straps and waistband are stretched and twisted around arms and legs and sometimes, the cup portion is pulled up over the head. Usually seen in high school locker rooms where wrestlers and/or football players hang out. Is used as a noun or as a verb.

Also used to describe the locking of somebody's legs by bending them back and slipping the ankles up through the underwear leg hole or twisting the waistband down over the shoe.
During wrestling practice, they grabbed Ron and in disbelief he struggled as they quickly jock-locked him, wrapping him up in his own athletic supporter like a spider trusses up a fly before leaving him on the floor curled into a helpless, cursing ball.
by Nnanji January 04, 2005
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When a Jock grabs a Nerd after Gym class in the locker room after they're all sweaty and gives the nerd a wedgie and then puts the nerd in head lock and rubs his Sweaty , Smelly Armpit in the Nerds Face
One Time when my pal Dom was in gym class the school bully came up and put in him a Jock-Lock and then after gave him a swrily and hung him up on the Flag pole by his spiderman undies
by wedgie Getter October 07, 2005
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A junk protection unit used to protect your gentlemens' vegetables from crazy horny bitches
Sir, Paris Hilton has arrived.
by Lockinmejockin August 05, 2011
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