a combination of the Jonas Brothers and Macaroni
Look at those jobronis on screen
by Jobroni master March 07, 2009
Top Definition
A jobroni gets the job done, but the job is not usually considered desirable. In wrestling the job is making the other wrestler look good by losing. You can be good at being a jobroni. If no jobronis worked at McDonald's you would never get a Big Mac.
I had to wait in line for 10 minutes because the jobroni behind the counter took a break.
by Jobroni July 29, 2008
One who does "jobs",loses for money on a regular basis on any given time in any form of competition.
That team lost on purpose,They are nothing but a bunch of jobronis.
by oxbroiler August 18, 2008
A put down specifically aimed at the fanbase of the Jonas Brothers, whose fans have nicknamed the trio as Jobro. A portmanteau of Jobro and jabroni, a derogatory catchphrase coined by WWF Superstar, The Rock.
Fangirl: "OMG teh Jonas Brothers r like teh gr8test band EVA!! <3 <3 <3 JoBro 4 life!"

Real Rock N' Roll Fan: "Look at this jobroni."
by Rated-R Rockstar August 05, 2008
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