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A great show on CBS starring the highly talented Amber Tamblyn. It follows the life of average teenager Joan and her family. Joan gets visited by God occasionally, and he gives her an obscure task to do.

These tasks usually lead Joan into uplifting adventures, wacky encounters, or other emotional moments.

Her friends, Grace and Adam, two social outcasts in school, have no idea that Joan talks to God. Joan tried to tell Adam once, but due to her trip to the hospital, he thought she was only imagining it.

Joan learns that no matter how obscure a job for her is, it always touches and effects the people around her.
Watch Joan of Arcadia on CBS!
by Cait Sith Fortune April 03, 2005
A show on CBS about a girl who talks to God. Joan is an average girl who lives an average life, except for the fact that God comes to her to give her missions. These missions involve her effecting the lives of the people around her in ways she doesn't realize until they actually happen.
Joan of Arcadia is a TV show on CBS.
by Cait Sith Fortune April 04, 2005
a crappy show on CBS which gets high critical acclaim. it follows the adventures of a girl with epilepsy who believes she is talking to god. this gives her justification, as it has with real life world leaders, to kill and rape humanity.
God: joan, stop at least having seizures for just a minute to hear my next murderous command


man: I don't believe in god
joan: but I do because I have brain damage!
by Phil The Pornstar January 19, 2005

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