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Internet abbreviation for "just my opinion."
Crack sucks, but that's JMO.
by JMO December 08, 2004
198 52
to be really cool and smart
Seth was j-mo the other day.
by J Mo January 31, 2003
53 23
Jim Morrison, rock legend, of the band The Doors.
"J-Mo wrote that song when he was sober."

"... Okay, so maybe he didn't write it."
by kozakk July 15, 2005
39 22
The new gold dollars
Jesse paid me with some J Mo.
by Taj Buggati January 25, 2008
4 6
Comes from the Latin words "Magnus Dorkcaus." Today it can commonly be translated to Big Dork, The Accounting Steve Erkel, or Mr. Pocket Protector. J-Mo can also refer to one who supports cheaters, commonly from the New England area, or the leader of the "I have a man crush on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick."
Mommy I want to be like J-Mo. I want to love the Patriots and qoute FASB's in my dreams.
by magic sticks March 06, 2008
9 13
Bass player for Disturbed, John Moyer's nickname.
"J-Mo played lastnight"
by J-MO Fan September 11, 2006
12 16
The act of dumping weed killer over elderly ladies lawns in order to get revenge for an imagined or inconsequential slight.
She sent me a letter about my garbage cans so I pulled a JMO.
by LaricaOthamh June 13, 2012
1 6