a name for a fat, retarded kid who has no friends
THat kid is such a j-mo.
by shaneekwa montel March 07, 2008
Internet abbreviation for "just my opinion."
Crack sucks, but that's JMO.
by JMO December 08, 2004
to be really cool and smart
Seth was j-mo the other day.
by J Mo January 31, 2003
Jim Morrison, rock legend, of the band The Doors.
"J-Mo wrote that song when he was sober."

"... Okay, so maybe he didn't write it."
by kozakk July 15, 2005
The new gold dollars
Jesse paid me with some J Mo.
by Taj Buggati January 25, 2008
Comes from the Latin words "Magnus Dorkcaus." Today it can commonly be translated to Big Dork, The Accounting Steve Erkel, or Mr. Pocket Protector. J-Mo can also refer to one who supports cheaters, commonly from the New England area, or the leader of the "I have a man crush on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick."
Mommy I want to be like J-Mo. I want to love the Patriots and qoute FASB's in my dreams.
by magic sticks March 06, 2008
Bass player for Disturbed, John Moyer's nickname.
"J-Mo played lastnight"
by J-MO Fan September 11, 2006
The act of dumping weed killer over elderly ladies lawns in order to get revenge for an imagined or inconsequential slight.
She sent me a letter about my garbage cans so I pulled a JMO.
by LaricaOthamh June 13, 2012

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