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a group consisting of 6 girls

--> everybody's jealous because of their bond, they were established 10222009.
-->no leader, and they always play a prank on everyone they want to.
-->nobody hates them, well, at least nobody has ever come out and said that.
-->they all love taylor alison swift
-->smart people, sporty, fun to be with, crazy, and they all look up to GOD
-->girls with different personalities

-->everyone thinks they are all cute
half of the group are anime lovers
half are cartoon lovers
sir jake bachar: whats that pin your wearing? whats written on it?
marose: uhh, jkammmpany sir.

edmark: hey ! the jkammmpany should come to the swimming on saturday !
may anne: oh yeah, sure, we will

jessica: im going tomorrow with my friends papa
papa: the jkammmpany ? sure!
by justjeya April 17, 2010

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