n. an unfortunate individual tasked with sanitizing an area that was splattered with semen, usually for work-based purposes.
Damn, did you hear about Ernie? He was put on jizzmop duty!
by MellowshipSlinky91 January 03, 2009
Top Definition
1) An item someone uses regularly to clean up the ejaculatory fluid they expel after masturbation.

2) A person who cleans the "Nudey Booths" after a man has finished watching the show he paid for. AKA Jizz Mopper *made its way into pop culture from the 1994 cult classic 'Clerks'*
1) I had this bad-ass Nirvana T-shirt I got when I was in fourth grade, it doesnt fir anymore so I use it for a jizz mop.

2) Did you know that Jizz Moppers make 14 bucks an hour?
by Talon Tipton January 09, 2007
The individual who gets to wipe down the glass of a peepshow booth after a patron has finished.
"Clean up in booth three! Damn, look at this shit. Someone needs to visit the urologist. Christ, looks like the jizzmop will be getting overtime tonight."
by Nick Lesiecki May 07, 2004
An article of cloth or clothing that one uses to clean up his load.
Hey baby pass me that jizzmop and I'll clean off your back.
by jdk929 November 26, 2005
A human who has been ejaculated upon and is serving the function of a mop or a rag. Once the semen has been removed that person is no longer a jizz mop.
After John blew a load in Sally's face she became the hottest jizz mop around.
by jewmanchue and c-bizzle October 16, 2003
A young permiscious person whose sole purpose in life is to capture and absorb man gravy.
Dude 1, Check it out, that chick is a babe.
Dude 2, (Loud alarm sound) No way man, she's a jizzmop! (Clean up in aisle 3)
by supa steeze pants May 02, 2009
A mop used to wipe up the jizz usually left behind in the private booths of an adult theater or strip club.
"If I were you I'd use a jizz mop instead of a jizz rag to clean that load up; I'd want to stay as far away as I could from some dude's nut butter."
by kurtsh July 22, 2006
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