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An abstract word that can be used in any circumstance, as per the creativity/imagination/sheer stupidity of the user.
EG1: F*ck, I just jizzlebasmed your mom.
EG2: Dude! I managed to pull of a jizzlebasm.
EG3: A: dude, I'm so beast.
B: yeah right, you're about as beast as a jizzlebasm with cherry jam smothered across your ass.
EG4: Suck me, I'm the jizzlenator. Holy jizzlebasm!1!!one!!11!!1!!eleven!!1!
EG5: Can I please have some apple juiclebasm?
EG6: Holy shizzlefuck! He mercilessly jizzlebasmed that guys sister.
EG7: I bet you that there is a whole load of frizzlemcjizzlebasm in that van.
EG8: I just chugged 7 jugs of Jizzlebasm!
EG9: There is no EG9.
EG10: What the fuck is jizzlebasm anyway?
by Papadouche March 23, 2009
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