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Jizzblast, mainly used in porno's, describes when a man sprays his hot load i.e. ejaculates, all over their partner, usually on the face or titties.
Oh dear, you've jst jizzblasted in her eye. No she's blind!
by Jesus Rammsbottom December 29, 2006
10 0
When a man shoots so much cum out of his penis that the girl taking the load gets a tsunami of jizz cannonballed at her open mouth which then begins a cycle in which the girl swallows the cum and or spits it out.
Man, she got a monster jizz blast last night, she had to take another shower to get it out of her hair.
by DirtyMikeAndTheBoys September 18, 2010
21 9
When a guy drops his creamy load so fast that it's direction becomes hard to control.
Damn, Ian jizzblasted so hard he hit his dog, and then the dog licked it up, and then he did it again coz it was pretty damn funny.
by Jesus Rammsbottom December 29, 2006
13 4