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1) a bin of jizz

2) an insulting yet still affectionate term for someone.
Person A: Hey what's that in the corner?
Person B: Dude, don't look! That's my jizzbin!
Person A: Gross, man. Clean that up or else I'm not gonna hang in your room anymore.

Jizzbin: Hey what's up?
Person: Yo Jizzbin!
by the urban dick. February 07, 2010
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A Petty Whore, Undeserving of Respect, Not Quite Yet On The Scale of The cum dumpster
"Alice is such a jizz bin, she'll let anyone stick it in"
by Meh, lulz January 10, 2009
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A person who is often at the receiving end of any sexual activity. Usually, this person is involved in an immense amount of sexual activity.

See also fuckbin
Guy one - "I tottaly made sexual advances on Tiffany last night"
Guy two - "Did you partake in any sexual activity?"
Guy one - "Yes. Yes I did"
Guy two - "Dude, Tiffany was with five different guys last week"
Guy one - "How do you know?"
Guy two - "I was one of them"

Guy one - "What a Jizzbin"
Guy two - "Yes, Tiffany is a Jizzbin"
by Sweet Potato July 27, 2009
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a jizz bin is what new zealanders call a small collection of jazz musicians playing in unison at a venue
"check out the jizz bin playing over at moes"
"i play in a jizz bin eh"
by tropt July 05, 2006
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