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Dissaster involving jizz.

1.To jizz too early
2.To not have enough jizz
3.To have a cumshot and miss you partners face completely
4.To accidently jizz on a guy in an orgy or gangbang
5.To jizz in your womans vagina and either forgot to pull it out or forgot to wear a condom
I forgot to pull my dick out of my womans vagina and we had a jizzaster.
by Urban Ranger April 13, 2003
n. an unintentional catastrophe involving intentional emission

adj. jizzastrous
Oh crap, all the keys on my laptop are stuck. What a jizzaster!
by tbosien3 February 14, 2010
1. Description of a sexual circumstance that involves jizz / cum / semen going every which way. Typically jizzasters would been seen when giving a facial, cumming on a girl's body or just spraying your surroundings with the stuff.

2. Description of a pornographic video or photo in which jizz / cum / semen plays a prominent role

3. Description of a situation that may include cum in the eye or other places it's not supposed to go, or is painful to experience / observe.
4. Synonymous with "Yard Sale" or "Train Wreck", but specifically as it relates to jizz / cum / semen getting all over everyone and everything.
"I finally met a gal on Tinder that's cool with facials, so every time I see her it's a jizzaster!"
"I hadn't cum for a week and she gave me a handjob. Dude, next thing I knew her couch was a jizzaster"
"She wants me to pull out, but this time it blinded the poor gal. What a jizzaster."
"Peter North is a god...every scene he's in is a fucking jizzaster!"
"Her mom's going to freak out when she sees what a jizzaster the back seat of the car is. We should've cleaned up afterwards"
by HalJalikeakik May 31, 2015
1. An occurrence causing widespread destruction and distress; a catastrophe.
2. A grave misfortune.

(disaster + jizz) / 2
1. I just blew my load all over my term paper! What a fucking jizzaster.
2. I can't see! I had a jizzaster and shot myself in the eye. Goddamnitjesusfuck.
by oOJoshOo December 23, 2005
A tragic sexual act that ends up in bitter disappointment.

"...turns out we were both bottoms. It was SUCH a jizzaster!"
"...turns out we were both bottoms. It was SUCH a jizzaster!"
by Fenoogle September 30, 2014
When something goes bad during sex.
Cum to fast - jizzaster
Penetrate the anus, instead of vagina - jizzaster
If you don't cum - jizzaster
If you get busted - jizzaster
by peterminator February 02, 2011
any problem having to do with sexual intercourse or a relationship
That one-night stand was a jizzaster.
Wow, we should have used a condom;that could have been a jizzaster.
by Khalid Foster Wallace October 18, 2010
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