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a weird face that holds more then it appears. signs are a tiny smrik and smile for no apparent reason. then the eyes focus on target as if undressing you. out of no where he explodes and lunges an attack, hence the climax
roshan had his jiz face on when we were playin mortal combat, out of nowhere he smacked my balls

when roshan put his jiz face on it was time to move away
by nikij August 30, 2003
One who has cum over ones face
"Man, you're a jizface"
by Huw April 13, 2003
jiz face - a dirty slut who sucks off several men and takes load after load of cum on her face
b "dude, what happened last night after you guys left"

jr "dude, we ended up at maria's crib and that slut sucked off the three of us" "we gave her a nasty jiz face"
by mbored October 22, 2006
a kid who can either be reffered to as a nerd, with many pimples
or a word you say just for fun in a crowd to see who responds with a "wat u want" or "yes"
kid: JIZ FACE!!
sum ppl in the crowd: wat u want
kid and friends: hahahaha
by max December 04, 2004
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