A "jitter" is a slang term usually used in reference to a skater or a person that wears baggy clothes, hoodies and listens to mostly rock music (including punk rock).
"You'll probably find some jitters at the skatepark."
"Who's listening to jitter music?"
by Matt April 21, 2005
when a guy is not sexually active for a long time and he starts to shake.
dude, my jitters are horrible.
by jank-dog March 19, 2011
a type of emo or hippie kid. Used in the South as a term of slang to comment on ones dress/music taste.
aww you is a f**kin' jitter. Get out my trac'or.
by Emily Dixon February 25, 2006
A Jitter is a slang word for Skater
Skater dont just wear "baggy" jeans they sometimes wear tight jeans and skate brands or band tee's and some sort of skate shoe they hardly ever skate in converse because it is extremely hard most wear etnies vans adio DC or dvs
They mostly listen to rock punk hardcore ska or screamo
A: Look at the jitters
B: I love that skaters deck
A: Me too, but they all listen to bands like Atreyu
by Ebo December 19, 2005
Jitters are people who listen to punk rock e.g Greenday, Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance etc. Basically good music, not crappy rap music done by a spotty kid who stutters and thinks hes hard. They wear baggy clothes and skateboard.
Don't be a chav. Be cool like a jitter!
by Spophi! September 26, 2005
One who wears mostly black clothes and listens to rock or punk music. A jitter is also the exact opposite of a chav.

A jitter is to a goth what Sum 41 is to Guns N Roses.
I'd rather be a jitter than a chav.

You're not quite a goth, are you? So maybe you could be called a jitter instead.
by Kelly Andreas July 09, 2005
another word for crack cocaine
I dont fuck with that dumb bitch,she smokes jitters.
by ncdeadhead November 19, 2011

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