The way a small drunk girl acts on the weekend after 1 drink
How, Lindsey is acting like a jit bag again.

"Oh my, I was such a jit bag last night." -Lindsey
by Jit Bag April 14, 2008
A person worthy, of only, carrying a bag full of jizz !!!
Jimmy Jit Bag
A person, usually female, that was born and raised in New Jitsy (the worst state ever). Guys can fit this definition. A loser, Slut Bag, Whore, constantly fucks and hooks up with other people. Look up Cunt, or Cockblocker.
Alexis is a Jit Bag. Crazy Cat is a Jit Bag b/c she spreads her legs for everyone and anyone.
by Darryl, the Big Dicked Bandit September 15, 2003

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