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jingru is a person who is very smart and wears fashionable asian style clothes. she adores pandas. she always manages to get things that she wants even though she is very quiet.
T: hey did you see that new girl from china?
J: yes i did, she is so jingru and cool.
by tju April 15, 2011
1) A wonderful person who thinks everyone else with her name should disappear because they are giving her name a bad reputation. (refer to other definitions)
2) A word to describe things that are different, spontaneous, yet pleasant
A: That Jingru is so Jingru!
B: I'm so Jingru too!
by youandi April 15, 2011
Jingru is a chinese man who has nothing better to do then go onto these type of websites and waste his time. But somehow manages to hand in all his assignments on time.
Julio: Jingru you're a douche

Jingru: Atleast I'm smarter then you! HAHAHAHA*
by omgwtfbbq128937 April 14, 2009
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