A Cross eyed Japanese person. It is a very offensive to Japanese people.

If you say it in public and someone asks what it means, say it is a good friend in Islamic.
Jake-Austin is such a JIMP.

James-Yeah he is a JIMP.

Jake- JIMP.....
Lucas- Yeah,what a JIMP.
by AUSTIN BE emo February 23, 2011
A slang term for a specific type of joint. It is a joint rolled with equal parts of weed and cigarette tobacoo. This type of joint is rolled very tightly by using the method of shaking the open end of the joint after rolling to compress the contents together. At the mouth end of a joint a rolled up cardboard filter from a cigarette container is used. Variations to the jimp include the "L" which is to perpendicular Joint papers connected into one. As well as an "I" joint which is two joint papers connected in parallel to make a double length joint. Often used by Frinst speakers
Anyone up for an L Jimp?

Who can throw in for this jimp im rolling?
by Albert Dankinstien May 17, 2009
to jizz in your pants when some one buff is near by
"aarrr mate i just jimped"
by 5921 December 02, 2008
from the lonely island song jizz in my pants.
Player: Hey, coach i bet you could really jimp back in the day.
Coach: I would keep fresh undies around and look foward to the jimp!
by Gramp Grizz February 05, 2009
To cut someone's heart out with his own knife; to show witty sadism.
"He was mourning his mother's passing, so I did an hilarious impression of her. I completely JIMPed the guy. What a JIMPee toolbag."
by zukiphile September 23, 2008
a short, bearded kiss up that gets nothing done but double talks his way into a position of accomplishment; a brown nosing wannabe
That guy is a no-good jimp!
by Pernie November 04, 2003
It is what occurs when you text message to a landline the word gimp. It is a better way to say the word gimp. first used in this context about 2/3 years ago by my friend.
text message: hello how are you. I think you are a gimp.

landline lady: hello how are you. I think you are a jimp.
by Nice! Jiiii-imp November 20, 2006

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