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The best rock guitarist in the history of mankind. When Jimi played, the guitar seemed to be part of his body just like another limb. He was a master at mixing lead and rhythm guitar together. Unlike most guitarists, he didn't need anyone backing him up, even when he played a solo!
Jimi Hendrix could make his guitar sound like a machine gun!
by RexGibson January 01, 2004
Best rock guitarist in history. Everyone who says otherwise is missing the point: today's "shredding" guys are just expanding on his work. He was playing in the pleistocene era, technology -wise, but he FUNDEMENTALLY CHANGED the way guitar was played. Even the greats at the time, like Clapton, Townshend and Page were influenced by his style and work. Van Halen, Vai, Satriani and the rest of the current crop of virtuosos are fantastic players, but their contribution to rock guitar is rather incremental in comparison with Hendrix's contribution. In summary, if you think Hendrix isn't the best, you are a retard, and the guitarists you say are better point to him as their God.

Listen to the second version of Driving South on the BBC tapes, any live version of Voodoo Child (Slight Return), the entire Blues album or much of his Wooodstock performance.

Then listen to what everyone else was playing around that time and STFU.
Tard: Jimi Hendrix is overrated! He's totally blown away by Satriani

Me: Satriani became a guitarist specifically because of Hendrix. He sees Hendrix as God.

Tard: But he's totally shredding!

Me: Goodie for him, he can play a scale fast.
by Mitch Mitchell September 14, 2006
The epitimy of what a guitarist is. Jimmy Page is second to him dude.
(also see 5th def. of Kirk)
Leif: I wish i played guitar like Jimi
Kirk: U play BASS!?
Kirk: Hokay
by Kirk April 07, 2004
HOLY CRAP! The man who defined modern guitar and killed the devil. Rumors have it that he played left handed but this is myth, Jimi Hendrix played the guitar with his mind. He was granted telepathic guitar god powers by Robert Johnson, the previous nigra messiah, who gave the white man's pool aids. Jimi Hendrix was a dirty hippie and in a feat of pure willpower smoked enough pot to kill himself in the late 1700s. But rumor has it that he escaped death and went to live on an island with Beethoven, Elvis, Tupac, Santa, and that annoying Urkel kid from Family Matters. He releases albums annually but people still think he's dead because all of Jimi Hendrix's fans are too high to even stand up. Some people who listen to progressive metal or Slash like to say that he had no talent and that they like better music, but this is a misnomer since progressive metal and Slash are not music but actually white noise generated when two gay males sodomise goats in gimp outfits.
Sacred prayer to Jimi Hendrix, the ultimate nigra:

Oh Jimi,
Please grant me guitar power,
So that I may slap a bitch,
For disrespecting my name,
My family,
My country,
My dog,
My shoes,
My guitar.
Grant me to the power,
To fly,
And shoot lasers from my hands,
Like Captain Planet, only not gay.

by fdsfgs August 21, 2007
jimi hendrix is an AMZAING guitar player.Has a guitariist myself i look up to him.jimi hendrix played left handed fender Re-String to fit is style.
Foxy lady,purple haze,red house,wind crys marry,all along the watch tower,Stone free, are all songs he created along with his band.
But jimi hendrix died in his basement with his german gf died of overdose.
This was a sad day for everbody.
"o man that dude plays like jimi hendrix"
by _SOUL_REBEL_ July 08, 2006
God. Jimi is the greatest guitar player that ever lived. The only one that ever came close was Stevie Ray Vaughn, and he still could'nt match Jimi's awesome skill. All hail the mighty Jimi!!!!!!!!!
There must be some kind of way out of here,
said the joker to the thief,
there's too much confusion,
I can't get no relief.
by Mac Daddy September 22, 2004
the most skilled & magical person to ever hold a fender stratocaster.
Jimi Hendrix will instantly make you want to buy a strat.

God came to Earth from 1942 to 1970 as Jimi Hendrix and taught us how to really play a guitar.
by JJ Falcon March 17, 2008
Simply the greatest man to ever play at the 6 strings. A hero and an icon. Sadly he died of an OD and he is the reason why I will stay drug free so I won't die like him.
Andrew:What ya listening to Jenny?
Jenny:Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitarist EVER!!!
Andrew:He's OK.
Jenny:*Punches Andrew*No he's not he's the greatest!
by Darth_`Eowyn October 17, 2006