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1) n. Dave Matthews Band song

2) n. Something that helps you relax and pass the time by.

Although some Dave Matthews Band lyrics are open to interpretation, a 'jimi thing' in the context of the song refers to some kind of mind altering substance that helps you relax and get through a dull time.

Dave Matthews on "Jimi Thing": "This is a song about getting high."

Dave Matthews on "Jimi Thing": "In England it's a condom."
Sometimes a jimi thing slides my way and keeps me swinging.
by 13_Superheroes April 20, 2005
1. Song by Dave Matthews band
2. Nickname for acid paying homage to Jimi Hendrix whose favorite drug was LSD.
Hey bro wanna take some Jimi Thing and watch the visualizer on windows media player?
#acid #lsd #psychedelic #kush #peyote
by Brad Clements July 02, 2008
A song by Dave Matthews Band, the song is loosely similar to Jimi Hendrix Spanish Castle Magic. Jimi thing is LSD which was Hendrix's favorite drug. Jimi thing or LSD is meant to pass the time according to DMB.
If you could keep me floating just for a while

'Til I get to the end of this tunnel...mummy

If you could keep me floating just for a while

I'll get back to you

Take a Jimi Thing

Just to keep me swingin'

I'd like to show you what's inside

I shouldn't care if you don't like it

Brother chaos rules all about

Sometimes I walk there

Sometimes, God knows, I take a bus there

I should't care I shouldn't care bereaved as

I'm feeling
#dmb #lsd #jimi #hendrix #drugs
by Facawi April 18, 2010
1) Slang term for Condom

2) Dave Matthews song, making reference to sex and drugs
Reference to sex,
"Sometimes a Jimi thing slides my way and keeps me swinging" -DMB
Reference to drugs,
"Smoke my mind, make me feel better for a small time" -DMB
"Her gur, put that Jimi thing on me so we don't make babies"

"Well, here in England us gays use a Jimi Thing to prevent STD's from anal"

"Dude, I was so high listening to Jimi thing and it so was amazing"
#condom #rubber #std stopper #glove #trojan
by PH.d at dis shit April 30, 2009
DMB reference- condom
"Sometimes a jimi thing slide my way and keep me swingin'"
by KS July 29, 2004
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