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one of the greatest and most versatile american athletes of all time. won olympic gold in the pentathlon and decathlon at the 1912 olympics. also played college and pro football.

in college he played running back, defensive back, placekicker and punter for carlisle, a little indian school. while at carlisle he was the key component in what is considered to be one of the greatest games ever played, carlisle vs army. in this game carlisle upset the national powerhouse army 27-6. in mordern terms this would be like the New Mexico blowing out OU or Auburn.

as a couple of fun side note in a game against Penn, Thorpe acting in his role as punter, punted the ball down the field. he then sprinted down field and caught his own punt before it hit the ground and ran it a further 20 yards for a touchdown. in the game against army, thorpe had a 92-yard touchdown run which was called back due to a teammate's penalty. so he followed up with a 97-yard touchdown run the very next play. once again against army: army linebacker Dwight Eisenhower, the very same Eisenhower who would go on to be a war hero and president of the united states, and a fellow army teammate attempted to high-low Thorpe late after a play. Thorpe saw them coming and nimbly jumped out of the way, however he waited long enough before evading the hit that Eisenhower and his teammate collided, giving each of them an injury that would eventually end their careers as football players.
jim thorpe is the greatest athlete to have ever lived!
by dlm4 April 01, 2011
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a wondeful place where people only go to camp in the small town. the camp sites consist of hilbillies,men with mullets, questionably women, little kids with rat tails, and random city kids who's parents thought it would be fun to go camping for the first time. the only interesting thing to do there is get drunk or hang out at the store and play riged video games that haveent been made since the 1980's. and probably the only place to meet some cute hilbillies. a.k.a. the best place in the world
guy 1:dude lets go to jim thorpe
guy2: what are we gonna do there?
guy1: i dunno get drunk.....i got some quarters for the games
by jimmy thorpe August 20, 2006
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