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Someone that leads you on sexually, but then drops you. mostly used for hoes
what a fuckin jilt
by jess liu May 20, 2004
To abrubtly end a relationship
"Yo How You Gonna Jilt Me Like Dat?"
by Siggy Buchbinder February 24, 2007
Slang for 'old person'

Pronounced 'jyil-t'
"Hey dude, look at that freken jilt over there"
by Cirquit October 07, 2011
The act of prematurely ejaculating on a partners face or any other part of the body. This will usually lead to the break up in the relationship due to a lack in pleasure.
Man 1: How was your date with Sara yesterday?
Man 2: Well we were having sex and I kinda jilted after two minutes.
Man 1: Are you still going out?
Man 2: No, Sara said she couldn't date a jilter.
by 700cartons January 20, 2012
Word that can be universally used for almost anything.
1.Can I get a number three with extra jilt.
2.Jordan: "Well I gotta go"
Jon: "Alright I'll just jilt you later"
3.Jon:"Hey remember that girl I was telling you about?"
Jordan:"Yea, what about her?"
Jon:"I totally jilted on her last night"
4.Jon:"That girl slept with five guys this month"
Jordan:"What a jilt"
5.Instead of j/k (just kidding) you could say j/j (just jilting)
by Jordan G. and Jonathan C. May 12, 2008
to skeet in a jilting manner
i jilt quickly
by mike wheeler April 21, 2004
(tr.v. jilt·ed, jilt·ing)
The act of male ejaculation, usually onto/in a woman.

-(synonymous with skeet)
"I jilted all over her last night"
by DraukuGrissa April 21, 2004