Female who has a clit that's long enough (1" including hood is plenty) to wrap her thumb and one or two fingers around, then stroke up and down shaft till she has an orgasm.
Sometimes she needs to jill-off quickly when he's not around to do a really good job of sucking her off.
#orgasm #female masturbation #playing with self #sex-for-one #jill off
by shanae July 13, 2006
Top Definition
The female version of jack off: unassisted autoerotic stimulation.
Her boyfriend was out of town, so she got in the hot tub to jill off.
by Brown Sugar March 18, 2003
The female phrase of to masturbate, otherwise known as the female version of to jack off.
She was so horny she had to jill off, and relieve her tension. The guys had such hot bodies at the gym that it made her want to jill.
#masturbation #diddle the skittle #jack off #clit #self pleasure
by Chandler V. April 01, 2007
The act of female masturbation.
My gf likes to jill-off every night.
by Cyclone March 03, 2003
The female version of "Jack Off". Jack and Jill- masterbate
Hey jackie, the sexting was great....Did u get to Jill Off last night?
#female masterbation #riding rubber #rabbit wranglin #pole grinding #gap filling
by will6252 August 05, 2008
When Jill go down her OWN hill...
She Jill-offs once a night before Jack cums tumbling after.
by TsarinaValya June 13, 2003
Female self-satisfaction.
Kristi loves to jill-off while I kiss her feet and rub my cock.
by Jankster June 16, 2003
The female version of popular slang term for masturbation... Coming from the popular nursery rhyme of Jack & Jill.
"I didn't meet any cute guys tonight, so I'm gonna go home & Jill-off"
#masturbation #autoeroticism #malthusianism #onanism #self-abuse #self-pollution
by Sami Sparkle January 06, 2010
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