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ji•knigh•us /jen'(long i)'(uh)s/ Colloq. n. (pl. •knigh•(long i)/n(long i)/) see GENIUS

jiknighi –adj. to posses the qualities of such.

mispronunciation of "genius", "knigh-" reference to "Knights" high school mascot.

invented 1-4-07 in Walnut Creek, CA
Girl 1: OMG!! You know everything!! You're such a jiknighus!
Girl 2:Thanks, you're pretty jiknighi, yourself!!
#genius #jiknighus #jiknighi #walnut creek #knight
by Liane & Nupur April 15, 2007
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noun. means the same as genius
plural: jiknigh
adjective: jiknigh... to possess the qualities of a genius
Girl 1: You know everything! you're such a jiknighus!
Girl 2: Thanks! You are pretty jiknigh yourself!
#walnut creek #jiknighus #genius #jiknigh #knights
by Liane & Nupur April 22, 2007
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