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Combination of Jiggaboo and Nigger. For when one racial slur isn't enough. A black man with strong negroid features i.e. big lips, corn rolls
James: Take a look at that jigro over there
Peter: Jigro, who's that?
James: The only guy tryin to get with the big booty black chick over there
by wankstarr2 November 18, 2010
7 3

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A really cool, sexy, Romanian man.
Dude, he is such a jigro. I wish I could be like him.
by Juice January 26, 2005
6 9
safest, tightest brother of them all
damn blud, know what? you mah jigro
by CodyTyler October 12, 2003
6 10
a cunt
your mother is a jigro
by Count Blackula October 20, 2003
4 11