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a derogatory word for someone that is african american
please do not say "jiggah" it is an unpleasant word.
by da trick biatch January 24, 2006
Style-defining song by the german electro/experimental band Tamos Ωmoc. Actually a straight instrumental track, a short speech sample occurs several times within the song.
Yo man, turn on the music. I wanna listen to this J-J-Jiggah-thing right now!
by MykeABCDEFG February 28, 2011
A Jew who thinks they are black
You Jiggahhhh
by Jiggahhhhh July 19, 2008
A Word that suddenly popped out of the coolest persons mouth when they went to say something totally different.
AfroMan: Yaw man Jiggah
Bee: Whaaaa U saii.
AfroMan: Jiggah man Jiggah!
by KeriCherry. September 15, 2008

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